HI.SKY is pleased to offer Tax Free service to our guests when shopping at Stefano Ricci branded boutiques!

Stefano Ricci is one of the leading luxury men's clothing brands, created in 1972 by a Florentine designer. Since 1972, Stefano Ricci has become from a small business into an international luxury company with boutiques worldwide, and headquartered in the hills of Fiesole. The philosophy of unsurpassed quality products of exclusively Italian production, is the basis of the company.

The list with the addresses of Stefano Ricci boutiques, where a foreign customer can get a HI.SKY Tax Free form to receive 12% VAT, detailed information and location scheme can be found in the section «Customers -> Where to buy».

Since connection to HI.SKY Tax Free service, the first foreign buyers have already applied to this service and received a VAT refund on HI.SKY Tax Free cheques for completed purchases!

HI.SKY company wishes you the true pleasure of the unique style of the Italian brand Stefano Ricci, and in VAT refund in addition!

HI.SKY team.