Sky Finservice, LLC, which operates under the brand name HI.Sky, is the first Russian operator to utilize the Tax Free system.

HI.SKY offers its customers a fast and convenient Tax Free service for registration and payment of Tax Free Cheque.

We pioneered the Russian software that deals with Tax Free Cheques issue.

  • The Tax Free Cheque process is fully automated.
  • The processing time of a Tax Free Cheque, along with any errors associated with manual filing are minimized.

We process and protect all HI.SKY customers’ personal data in Russia in accordance with legislation.

We provide VAT Refunds to foreign clients in cash as well as by transfer to the cards of main payment systems.

  • Transfers to bank cards are made directly from the HI.SKY office in Moscow
  • The shortest time for customers to receive their VAT Refunds.

We provide clients with informational materials in Chinese, English and Russian languages to better facilitate communication with store personnel and customs authorities.

The Tax Free Cheque can be issued in Russian and Chinese as well as in Russian and English languages.

HI.SKY personnel speak foreign languages and provide customer support by phone and email.

HI.SKY actively participates in events on the Tax Free System in Russia.

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