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Privacy Policy

The limited liability company Sky Finservice processes, including automated means, personal data in accordance with the Federal Law No. 152-FZ of 27.07.2006 On Personal Data,including collection, recording, arrangement, accumulation, storage, specification (updating, changing), extraction, use, distribution (including transfer), anonymizing, blocking and destruction of personal data.
Personal data are processed for the purposes of VAT Refund. The personal data indicated in the Tax Free Cheque can be used by Sky Finservice, Ltd. retail organizations, having a contractual relationship with Sky Finservice, as well as tax, customs and other governmental authorities, banks, processing and other organizations involved in the VAT Refund process under this Tax Free Cheque.
The consent is submitted from the moment of signing the Tax-Free cheque and is valid for 5 years.
On expiry of the above-specified term, the agreement shall be extended for every following 5 years provided that there is no information about its revocation. This consent can be withdrawn by a written request sent to Sky Finservice, Ltd. in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Refund Rules

VAT shall not be refunded in case of purchase foreign citizens of excise goods.
To have the right for getting a VAT refund, a foreign citizen shall:

  • Purchase goods for minimum amount of 10 thousand Rubles within 1 calendar day at one retailer, meeting the criteria of selection, established by the RF Government, and located at the address, included into the List of retailers,approved by the RF Government.
  • Do not have citizenship of countries – members of Eurasian economic union.
  • Foreign citizen has the right to get the VAT refund provided that the purchased goods are exported by him/her outside the customs territory of Eurasian economic union (excluding the export of goods through territories of countries – members of Eurasian economic union) through the RF border inspection posts, listed and approved by the RF Government.

Refund is paid only in RF Rubles.

Refund can be paid to a foreign citizen only upon presentation of the original of the correctly filled Tax Free Cheque containing the RF custom's stamp, confirming the fact of export of goods from the RF territory outside the territory of Eurasian economic union (excluding the export of goods through territories of countries – members of Eurasian economic union) through the RF border inspection posts, listed and approved by the RF Government, in term, specified by the RF legislation for export of goods, and upon presentation of a passport, issued by the competent authorities of a foreign country, which is not a member of Eurasian economic union, according to which the foreign citizen entered the RF territory.
The amount actually refunded to a foreign citizen is equal to the amount of VAT, calculated by the retail organization by selling the goods to the foreign citizen, less the Hi.Sky operator's handling fee for providing the VAT refund service.
In case the purchased goods are transported in the luggage, the Customer can get the refund in cash at Hi.Sky refund point in the airport or via bank transfer to the Customer’s credit card.
In case the purchased goods are transported in hand-luggage, the Customer can get the refund only via bank transfer to the Customer’s credit card.
Refund of the amounts, exceeding 85 000 RUR is effected only via bank transfer to the Customer’s credit card.
If the Tax Free Cheque is issued in paper version, not in the Operator's software, if there are any amendments in the Tax Free Cheque, the VAT compensation can be paid only via transfer to the Customer’s bank card.

The refund will not be paid in case a retailer which has issued the Tax Free Cheque has not duly fulfilled its contractual obligations against Hi.Sky.

Citizens of foreign countries, who are entitled to get a VAT refund, can refer for VAT refund within 1 year as of the day of goods purchase in a retail store provided that such goods are exported within 3 months from the customs territory of the Eurasian economic union (excluding the export of goods through territories of countries – members of Eurasian economic union) through the RF border inspection posts.

Refund procedure instruction

  • Make sure that your personal data are entered into the Tax Free Cheque correctly.
  • It is recommended to inform the sales assistant in the Retail store which goods you plan to transport in luggage, and which – in hand luggage. It will help to avoid difficulties in the refund procedure.
  • In case the Customer wants to return or exchange the purchased goods in the Retailer’s store, it is recommended to submit the issued Tax Free Cheque together with the goods.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate the purchased goods to the customs officers. Do not start using the goods before examination by customs officers. Have your Tax Free Cheque stamped at customs.
  • To be refunded please use one of the below options: (i) submit your Tax Free Cheque with customs stamps to the nearest Hi.Sky Tax Free Refund point or (ii) leave it in a special Hi.Sky Tax Free Refund Mailbox or (iii) send it to Hi.Sky Tax Free office per mail using the special Hi.Sky Tax Free stamped envelope containing the Hi.Sky address. In case the Customer sends Tax Free Cheque per post, the Customer bears the postal costs.
  • As the refund procedure can take time, it is recommended to arrive at the airport no less than 3 hours before the flight.
In case of options (ii) and (iii) the refund is possible only via bank transfer to the Customer's credit card.

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